Cevi / CVJM resp. CVJF / YMCA resp. YWCA

The above-mentioned abbreviations are synonyms for the same organisation: “Young Men Christian Association” (YMCA) resp. “Young Women Christian Association” (YWCA). In German, this translates to “Christlicher Verein Junger Männer” (CVJM) resp. “Christlicher Verein Junger Frauen” (CVJF). The two national associations of Switzerland, called CVJM and CVJF, were united to form the name “Swiss Association of Young Christian Women and Men”, which is abbreviated as “Cevi Switzerland”.

YMCA was founded in 1844 in London with the goal not only to spread the Christian message to young men, but to also support their social needs. In 1855, similar groups for women were formed in England. Since 1877 they have called themselves the “Young Women Christian Association” (YWCA). The movement spread throughout the world over a short period of time and the YMCA/YWCA Organisation is considered the largest non-governmental youth organisation in the world, with over 70 million members in over 120 countries.

Cevi Zürich

Cevi (YMCA/YWCA) Zurich is the umbrella organisation for the various YMCA groups within the city of Zurich. It operates the “YMCA centre Glockenhof” in downtown Zurich and organises, supports and extends the YMCA activities throughout the city. In addition, Cevi (YMCA/YWCA) Zurich is fostering a long-term partnership with the YMCA of Spitak in Armenia.

The goal of Cevi (YMCA/YWCA) Zurich is to encourage children, teenagers and adults to meet one another and get closer to the Christian faith. Cevi (YMCA/YWCA) Zurich supports and expands the Cevi (YMCA/YWCA) variety in the city and surrounding area by offering programs and activities which adopt the needs of the society with a special focus on young people.

Through open offers, young people are given a way to effectively spend their free time and keep away from negative influences. Teenagers are encouraged to work cooperatively together and to take responsibility for themselves and their community.

Cevi (YMCA/YWCA) Zurich attracts individuals with its YMCA/YWCA specific holistic approach (Body, Mind and Spirit).  This is why the Cevi (YMCE/YWCA) logo consits of a triangle.

The bend around the triangle symbolises the “C” for Christianity. We are sharing the good news of Jesus Christ through respect and love towards all people. As an ecumenical christian movement we work together with local Churches whilst respecting confessional differences.