The staff of the YMCA Zurich

The staff of the YMCA Zurich
The YMCA Zurich team consists of 7- 8 staff and is supported by numerous volunteers. The board consists of unpaid elected members.

Andrea Kuensch-Wälchli

Executive Director, 60% 


Adrian Kuensch-Wälchli

Executive Director, 60%

Christa Wiedemeier-Webb

Administration, 80%

Martina Klee

Head Gloggespiel, 80%

Jenny Cookman

Deputy Head Gloggespiel, 60% 

Julia Möckli

Executive Directors' Assistant, 40%

Head Armenia Partnership, 20% 

Elisabeth Zürrer

Head Private Tuition, 30%

Tamara Guyer

Conception and graphic Design, 15%

Martin Wiget

Finance administration, 10%



David Zürrer, Co-President

Ralph Müller, Co-President

Philipp Bärtschi, Finances

Thomas Rodemeyer, HR

Thea Flückiger, Social Initiatives