Armenia Partnership

News from the Armenian partnership  

As a part of the worldwide movement of the YMCA’s, Swiss YMCA (Young Men Christian Association) is having good international contacts to different partnering organisations, of which one is the Armenian National Union of YMCA’s. This contact consist out of financial and ideological support, as out of Local-to-local-partnerships. Zurich YMCA decided in 2000 to establish one of these partnerships with the YMCA of Spitak in Northern Armenia. The YMCA of Spitak is one of six local Groups in Armenia and is focused on child- and youth-programs.
Spitak Town suffered hardly in the 1988 earthquake, as it was the closest town to the epicentre. The wounds of this disaster aren’t healed until now. The economical situation very critical and most of the inhabitants are unemployed. There are no perspectives. Especially children and the young are affected, as there are just very few playgrounds or infrastructure for different activities. YMCA of Spitak is serving the whole community, bringing a new hope to the coming generations.
Zurich YMCA is supporting the YMCA of Spitak with different projects as youth exchange, training camps in and studyvisits to Switzerland, and with different Armenian events in Switzerland.
The biggest project was finished by the end of 2009: The “Home for Future”! A new building has replaced the old hut, in which the YMCA of Spitak ran his programs with a huge lack of space. The “Home for Future”, located in the centre of the town, should become a Child- and Youthcentre, which will give the coming generations new perspectives and a new Hope. Please help us to realize this project. In January 2010, the activities of the YMCA Spitak started in their new building. With your support we will be able to successfully finalize the financing of the “Home for Future”!