Cevi Switzerland

Cevi Switzerland is a Christian movement of children, teenagers, women and men. It is part of the worldwide Young Men and Women's Christan Assoctiation, YMCA / YWCA. The Christian faith is fundamental and practiced in various ways. 


For more information: www.cevi.ch

Only availabe lin German and French.

Cevi Regional Association ZH-SH-GL

Did you know that the Cevi Regional Association Zurich-Schaffhausen-Glarus unites about 5000 Cevi members? Or are you looking for the contact information of a Cevi group? 


For more information:  www.cevi-zhshgl.ch

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YPoM - Young People on Move - is a movement of young adults, who live their life in  faith and realize new ideas for Christian community and support individuals on their journey to a mature Christian faith. 


For more information:: www.ypom.ch

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The evangelical-protestant RnB Youth church in the city of Zurich!


For more information: www.streetchurch.ch

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The institute mira supports leisure organisations in Switzerland as a compentence center for prevention of sexual exploitation.


For more information: www.mira.ch

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"Your donation in good hands".

We are an association with the Zewo - seal of qualitiy.


For more information: www.zewo.ch

Ehrencodex (code of honor)

Seal of quality for comprehensive quality in Christian non-profit work.


For more information: www.ehrenkodex.ch

Only availabe in German.

Jugendallianz Schweiz (Youth alliance Switzerland)

Charter for Christian childern- and youth work.


For more information: http://www.jugendallianz.ch

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ZSS - Züricher Stadtverband für Sport (Zurich city association for sports)

The ZSS is the umbrella association of the Zurich sport clubs.


For more information: www.zss.ch

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give & get

Zurich talent-exchange network for unbureucratic daily help. 

Give & get enables with its talent-exchange portal uncomplicated daily help in all areas of life. You pay with time. Every activity is equal. Give & get promotes solidarity between generations and different social classes. 

Brilliantly simple - just awesome - social

Give and Get - and all win!


For more information: www.giveandget.ch

Only available in German.


Info Shop of OJA Zurich

The info shop is an information platform for teenagers and their gardians. 

Information about areas of work, living, leisure, educationan and publicity can be found on this page. 



For more information: www.info-shop.ch

and www.oja.ch

Only available in German.  


SISZ - SchülerInnenSchule Zürich ( students school Zurich)

Day school in Zurich Albisrieden for teenagers of 1. to 3. secondary school. 

Cevi Zurich offers internships for students of SISZ. 


For more information: www.sisz.ch