Cevi Zürich

Cevi Zürich
Cevi Zürich (Christian Association of Young Women and Men) is an association in terms of Art. 60 ff. ZGB with a charitable purpose. Its seat is in Zurich. It is a member of the Cevi Regional Association Zurich - Schaffhausen - Glarus, Cevi Switzerland and the two world federations "Young Men`s Christian Association" (YMCA) and "Young Women`s Christian Association" (YWCA). As part of Cevi Switzerland, it is relevant both locally and internationally.

The goal of Cevi Zürich is to encourage children, teenagers and adults to spend time together and get closer to the Christian faith. Cevi Zürich supports and expands the Cevi’s offers in the city and surrounding areas by offering a variety of programs and activities which adopt the society’s needs with a special focus on young people. However, there is no primar classification into defined age groups, social status or origin. That’s why Cevi Zürich distinguishes from the typical social work. Everyone who needs a friendly, respectful and loving touch with other people is welcome. 


The fields of work can be divided into three main areas:

1) City Association of the Zurich-City Cevi-Groups

2) Club house “Cevi center Glockenhof”

3) Partnership with YMCA (Young Men's Christian Association)

 Spitak, Armenia


Most employees of Cevi Zürich work on a voluntary basis. Only due to those individuals, Cevi Zürich is able to offer such a variety of programs. The people behind Cevi Zürich are extremely grateful for each and every volunteer!