"Jungschar" - YMCA / YWCA Scouting

"Jungschar" - YMCA / YWCA Scouting
There are five local Cevi departments in the city of Zurich, which offer their "Jungschar" program in different quarters of Zurich.

Cevi Zürich is the working partnership of the Cevi departments in the city of Zurich, and its purpose is to accompany and promote them, in addition to the complementary work in the Cevi Center Glockenhof. At the moment, Cevi Zürich comprises five girls'- and boys'- Jungschar departments with a total of around 700 children and adolescents. In addition to the Jungschar regions' work, Cevi Zürich contributes valuable city-specific work and strenghens the reputation of Cevi in ​​the city of Zurich.


The Cevi departments want to offer children a useful leisure activity, where they can experience nature and have fun with other children. They learn about first aid, cooking over a campfire, building tents, and sing songs, play games and listen to biblical and other stories. This should all take place with mutual appreciation, helpfulness and empathy.

In general, the "Jungschar" meetings take place regularly on Saturday afternoon, from 14.00 to 17.00. Tent and house camps are being organized during the school holidays.

The participants of the Cevi "Jungschar" are girls and boys from kindergarten or school age, which are divided into groups according to gender and age. Each group is supervised by educated adolescents and adults who are prepared for their job in function-based leadership courses.


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Pictures of different events organized by the five Cevi departments of Zurich city.