Staff of Cevi Zürich

Staff of Cevi Zürich
The staff of Cevi Zürich is made up of the head team Andrea & Adrian Künsch-Wälchli, between 5 to 8 employees and about 250 volunteers.

Andrea Künsch-Wälchli

Executive Director, 60% 


Adrian Künsch-Wälchli

Executive Director, 60%





Almost every day we step into our club house by pushing open the massive entrance door and wondering what will be happening today. No day is like the other und we leave room for this feeling. The unforseen is filled by the core of our work for the most part: by relationships and encounters with the most diverse people of all generations.

You don't learn much in our reoprts or by watching about the countless hours that each of us invest in our fellow human beings. The big and small stories about human interactions which can't be summarized in a report. The innumerable prayers that are sopken due to our investment in our fellow human beings and our effort to actively live Christian charity. That inspires our work! 

Christa Wiedemeier-Webb

Administration, 70%

Spreading the good news of Jesus Christ amongst our fellow human beings, inspires me every day.
I love my job, which is not just a profession, but a calling. I can fully identify with the mission statement of Cevi Zürich.
God is good and God is faithful!
Julia Möckli
Assistant managemer and coordinator of the Armenia Partnership,
In the middle of the hectic center of Zurich, we want to create an oasis in which the visiting people are accepted as they are.
In Armenia, where we have a partner Cevi for 15 years, it is believed that every guest is God-sent. This belief is fully our basic attitude and I'm always fascinated by the diverse people that God sends into our house!

Martina Klee

Administrative Mangement Gloggespiel,  20%


We not only create a place where children are able to play and have a good time, but we also invest time in their parents. We want give a message through our work and be guided by God's love. Without God's wisdom and love I wouldn't be able to do my job. 


Martin Wiget

Finance, 10%


I know Cevi for a long time and support its meaningful work with great pleasure. 

I quote a sentence after Socrates with which I can identify well: Always remember that everything is fading  - So do not be too happy in happiness and not too sad in suffering. 


Jonas Wälchli

Social deacon in education, 50%

Päivi Harkko

Coordination of CeviKafi, 50%

Tasha Lory

Administration, 10%

Sofya Arghamanyan

EVS volunteer until February 2020

Nikolaj Søgaard

EVS volunteer until summer 2020


David Zürrer, Co-President

Ralph Müller, Co-President

Philipp Bärtschi, Finances

Thomas Rodemeyer, HR

Thea Flückiger, Social Initiatives